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Self Publishing Expert Interview With Dale L Roberts | Kindle Publishing 2017

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In this interview, Emeka sits down and talks with the self-proclaimed Self Publishing Nerd himself, Mr. Dale L. Roberts. Dale is quickly become what some would consider an expert when it comes to the world of self-publishing. He is an international bestselling author, has over 40 fitness and health books and is passionate about helping others win the self-publishing game!

This interview covers so many topics that you might just want to watch it twice! During it, we cover topics such as,

– Should you stop using KDP?
– The best way to get organic reviews!
– Other options than Amazon for your e-books and paperbacks
– How to format your books so they stand out and sell well!
– When the right time is to outsource your Kindle publishing business

This was by far one of the most enjoyable and fun interviews I have ever done, you won’t want to miss this!

Pronoun Publishing – https://pronoun.com/

Contact Dale L. Roberts at:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/selfpublishingwithdalelroberts
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/selfpubwithdale
Website – SelfPublishingWithDale.com
YouTube – YouTube.com/SelfPublishingWithDaleLRoberts
Amazon Author Profile – http://dalelroberts.com/amazon
Author Interview – http://bookgoodies.com/interview-with-author-dale-l-roberts/
Email – dale@selfpublishingwithdale.com

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Emeka Ossai says:

For some reason we lose video for about just under 2 mins around the 47min mark. It DOES come back :). Audio is fine however.

Mimi Mendez says:

Amazing flow didn't miss a beat when view glitches. Tks

EugeneSMM+CashDesign-Анимация-Эффекты-Фото-Видео реклама says:

pronoun has died recently

Lisa Rusczyk Vlogs says:

Great listening to you both.

acdaincorg says:

Thanks for a great video with solid information. You gonna interview Jason B. next?

God Bless,

2 Tim 1:7


LizAtHeart says:

This was bomb! Thanks Emeka & Dale 😀 Something I'm a little unclear about (I think I know that answer but Imma ask in case I'm wrong lol) If I have a book already published on Kindle/createspace, can I upload it to pronoun? Or vice versa, if I publish on pronoun, can I also sell on createspace?

Yamaya Cruz says:

I love Dale L Roberts, his energy is contagious. I can feel his passion.

Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts says:

Thanks again for an awesome time. I appreciate you, Emeka.

Sunny Ah Day says:

You guys are awesome!

William May says:

I just want to thank you both for encouraging me as a new publisher to take the steps to get my book out there in the world thanks, I give you all much credit & love!!!

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