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Self-Publishing Fiction Books – Is it PROFITABLE?

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Fiction Master Course: https://www.ambitioustypes.com/p/fiction-master-course

Non-Fiction vs Fiction Books – Is Self-Publishing Fiction Books Profitable? Don’t let people trick you.

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jestingle /143/ says:

Russ, do you still think Kindle Publishing is the way to go? What ever happened to that self tee shirt publishing thing amazon was doing? Are you engaged in anything else besides KP that you'd like to share with us?

Dj mobile says:

No more videos?

lindsaysimplyliving says:

I'm about to self pub a 100,000 word historical novel. Do you have any tips on how to price this?

Great Life In The Philippines says:


Christian Mikkelsen says:

I've been doing pretty well selling non-fiction on Amazon, but with the whole craziness going on with amazon and reviews i think i want to get into fiction. I feel like fiction readers would be much more responsive to an email list than my informative non-fiction books. Anyway my point is that I'm interested in your fiction publishing course. Are you going to ever/soon put it on a discount price? Because then i'm hopping on. I can just feel fiction is calling my name, nows the right time for me.

Lifestyle Design Success says:

It's all about FOCUS…and understanding your market well enough to be able to create really valuable products that people want/ need (in this case= books). In non-fiction value is about solving problems and providing useful info, fiction- providing entertainment. I stick to non-fiction as I understand it better and I am in niches where I feel like I can provide good value to my readers. But there are people who choose fiction and do well too (childrens, erotica, romance, lol). Really, internet is great…there will never be a shortage of platforms we can use and markets we can serve. Smart entrepreneur- marketer is where it's at. Mindset- focus- giving your market what they want and what's value to them….And here's my rant, lol (not kindle specific but kind of related hehe): https://youtu.be/RlUiaeLrOk0

Anna C. says:

Of Course this course will be one of the best. I'm in my friend 🙂

Temuujin Enkhtuvshin says:

Thank you! Your video made my hope keep going. Because of watching your videos, I am almost done with my first book.

Emeka Ossai says:

HAHAHA awesome 🙂

Emeka Ossai says:

There is so much money in fiction still! Non fiction or fiction take your pick, like you said theres money in both. Thanks for bringing this up.

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