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Self Publishing – How do I publish a book?

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Hi, this is Lisa Michelle Umina from Halo Publishing. In this video, I’ll answer a question I hear all the time:

How do I publish a book?

In the next few minutes, I’ll outline the 10 steps that will take you from an idea in your head to a book in your head. By the end of this video, you’ll understand the entire process for publishing a book.

The first step is developing your idea. My suggestion to you is write about something you’re passionate about, something that you have faith in that you can come to life while you’re writing that story.

Second, finishing your manuscript. I know the number one thing I can suggest it is discipline. You have to set a second time to either do a chapter a week, a chapter a day, just organize some thoughts on paper; you can always go back and edit.

Third, selecting a publisher. It’s important to do your research. You want to interview. Who’s going to help you with this endeavor?

Fourth, signing the agreement. This is a big step. You’ve already chosen a publisher that you believe that is really passionate about what you’re doing; they’re going to help you and your career with your book and you have to go step by step through the agreement, make sure that you own all the rights to your book, look at the royalties.

Fifth, hire an editor. Sometimes people think their best friend’s cousin once removed can edit the book because she’s an English teacher. I don’t suggest that, not into the publishing world. There are editors especially at Halo that we look at the manuscript, we assign an editor that obviously works in the publishing industry to take it to the level it needs to be and not just winging it.

Sixth, choosing formats. If you’re doing a children’s book or a novel, there’s so many different sizes today that you could pick to really take your story to life, and that would be either taking it as a hardcover, you can look at doing paperback, eBook and now today we even have apps. We’re in the 21st century, I definitely suggest that when you’re looking at format, get one you can hold in your hand whether it’s paperback or hardcover or, which is really important, you want to look at also getting an eBook because to be able to sell your book in different format just gives yourself your author platform more ways for your clients to buy your message.

Seventh, if you’re working in the children’s industry and you’re now becoming a children’s author, you want to pick an illustrator that does have experience and working in children’s book. I know at Halo we have a portfolio of illustrators that we work with.

Eighth, reviewing your electronic proofs. What is an electronic proof? It’s a PDF file that you get to open up on your computer and you get to look at your book before it’s a tangible piece. I suggest taking the time, look at the cover, read about the book, read about the author, and I also encourage having someone else other than yourself to look at those electronic prints.

Ninth, market your book. I can tape a whole video for that, but what’s really important is you just don’t want to start this winging it; you really need to have some kind of plan in piece.

Tenth, releasing your book. This is the release of something that you’ve created that’s going to be a legacy far beyond you on this earth. Think about it. This is a niche market for you. Who needs your message? That’s what you should be excited about releasing your book.

Now the bonus part; thinking beyond your book, step 11. Every chapter in your book, every page in your book, there’s a message there and you really need to think beyond. What else can I do?

How do I publish a book? Very easy. Develop your idea; complete the manuscript; select a publisher; sign an agreement; hire an editor; choose formats; assign your illustrator; review electronic proofs; marketing your book; release your book; and the bonus, think beyond.

Thank you so much for joining me. It was a pleasure and I would love for you to tune in for our next video. This is Lisa Michelle Umina from Halo Publishing.

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I've given up on self-publishing.  My book is 517 pages and costs around EUR 25.  Who wants to buy a book to that price???

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