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Self-Publishing: Marketing

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Marketing! It just sounds so…boring. But using social media it can be really fun! Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube you can market for your novel without having to spend any money. And, let’s face it, free marketing is the best kind of marketing. So enter the social world and build a following!

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Ashton Deroy says:

Very cool Mandi that you are a self published author. I am a self employed marketing/sales contractor at http://www.Digi-Connex.com . A little advice from someone who went to school for marketing. Twitter is for the Press, Facebook is for Mom and Dad. Those are just the appeals for those different mediums.

Awareness is definitely key to most campaigns, if they need you they will come knocking at your metaphoric door I find.

Kristopher Driver says:

Thanks this was way more helpful than everything else I've found. It's refreshing to see someone speaking to the point and not drawing out hour long power point talks that say nothing. Wish you all the best 🙂

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