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SELF PUBLISHING – Must Do Actions (for Every New Author)

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Best selling indie author and self publishing guru Mark Dawson sets out the five essential actions for new authors.


Alyne says:

Thanks for rhis! I wasn't sure about the LLC.

Colette Clairvoyant says:

Thank you. i have four books with traditional publisher and four that i have self published. It has been a huge learning curve but an enjoyable one too. Social media is so important for sales.

John Foley says:

What if I am writing Career advice book? What platform do you think might be best like Twitter, Pinterest etc Is Pinterest even useful for Nonfiction?

Renee Kelley says:

I'm so glad you guys are on YouTube.

Esther Maye says:

Thank you for the tips, and for the time you are taking to help out

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