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Self Publishing Podcast #116 – What We’d Do If We Were Just Starting Out

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Xavier Granville says:

I decided to delay the release of my first novel, Now Hiring, because of the reason you guys mentioned. As much as it's a good story, it's oozing with every problem that I was facing at the time of writing it. Maybe that's why it's such a frightening novel haha.

cannae216 says:

To Sean's point at 52:00 about first-book length, for my first book I targeted 30-40k for the first story just to get the process down.  If I screwed it up really bad, I figured it would be easier to fix.  I also have a day job and kids and don't want to take 2 years between books.  

Jessie Haynes says:

Interesting ideas. Myself, I do try to put as much of myself, naked, into my books, because I think it creates some of the most valuable parts. Yet I'm not creating a need to declutter my life out of my stories, something that it seems you may have had to deal with in addition to the deep self stuff in there.

Anonymous says:

Loved this episode! 😀

Buddy Gott says:

Fantastic show here, guys!

Rosie Reast says:

Star wars Princesses I think my kids would actually explode if this was a real thing.

Garrett Robinson says:

Awww, you guys are awesome. I'm glad you liked that video.

Simon Cantan says:

Thanks for a great show, guys!

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