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Self Publishing Revolution Review – Does it REALLY live up to the hype?

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May 15, 2017 Updated: I have written an updated written review on SPR where I discuss what I think about this course and if it’s still applicable in 2017 http://www.thelazyplumber.com/self-publishing-revolution-review-2017-still-the-best-kindle-publishing-course/

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Ténzy Jangchup says:

Hey man it's been some days i am watching your videos and i really liked your style and honesty. I am Subscribed to your channel and keep up the good work. I will be your faithful follower. By the way i have a quick question for you about taking kindle course. Recently i am seeing lots of kindle course out there including Full disclosure from KmoneyM, Myselfpublishing blueprint from Emeka Ossai, Course from Luca and lots more. Everyone saying they have the most updated and good course but i don't know which course should i get in. I had already taken the course of KMM the basic one and i learned some basic from there. So, Do you really think i should take the course of Luca (SelfpublishingR)? I m in tight budget at the moment, so i don't wana try many course from here and there. Just wana take one good course, and move forward to build my own business. As you know, if you wana succeed, you must follow the best in your industry and make him your mentor and take action. Sorry for this long message, anway i am hoping to hear back from you and thanks again.

Marcus Lew says:

Thanks for posting this honest review. I'm wondering, with your numbers.. how many books have you published so far? Thanks!

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