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Self-Publishing Success – Stay at Home Mom Shares Her Kindle Story

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140: Self-Publishing Success: Stay at Home Mom Shares Her Kindle Story

The self-publishing world has changed quite a bit in the last couple years. Amazon is constantly changing the rules and rewards for authors, and more and more writers are entering the fold.

In the Side Hustle Show archives, we’ve heard from successful self-published authors like Steve Scott, Nick Stephenson, Chandler Bolt, and Lise Cartwright. I even shared the tactics I used to reach the top of the Amazon charts with my launch last summer.

In today’s show, I’m joined by Jyotsna Ramachandran, a “stay at home mom entrepreneur” and best-selling author. She shares candidly how she built her Kindle empire to more than 50 titles in less than 2 years, primarily with ghost-written content.

As the game has changed, she’s shifted her focus to produce more quality products and less quantity, admitting that the rapid-release of lower quality books can be a viable strategy in the short-term, but is tough to build a business and a brand on in the long-run.

Her book Job Escape Plan has done very well since its release this spring, and Jyotsna and her business partner Ani (a best-selling fiction author) have started their own done-for-you publishing service.

I think this conversation is a testament to just getting started, because you never know what opportunities will come up once you’re in motion.

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