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Self Publishing Success Story with Jason Bracht

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As part of an on-going series of monthly interviews with successful self-publishers, I’m proud to present today’s guest, Jason Bracht.

Listen in as Jason shares his story about how he got into the business, what his motivation was to realize his self-publishing success story and what advice he’d give to himself before he started his self-publishing business. He’s a father, serial entrepreneur, and YouTube authority. You’re going to enjoy this self-publishing interview from beginning to end.

Find Jason Bracht at:
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/pimpnosis23
Website – http://hustleproject.org/



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Barbara Waite says:

Good guest, good info <3

Felicia says:

Vegan? Okay, I'm onboard with this channel for good. I'm only a vegetarian, but I'd like to take the dive someday.

Felicia says:

How could 10x make someone get banned- on wait. It was the hyperlinks to the back.

Emeka Ossai says:

This was a great interview. So you mentored with him in the beginning? I'm so curious as to who was the individual you guys were talking about who was doing that super shady stuff lol

Herbert William says:

First thanks for you both, you do a great job wich I really appreciate.

My questions are:

Did you fake photographs images of your various Pen names? How to have a not obvious fake Pen name without photo's to identify you as a real person? I would get caught in the scene really fast…

acdaincorg says:

Great content from the heart – Thanks for the video.

God Bless,

2 Tim 1:7


Kevin Hellriegel says:

Great funny videos but I love your information.  Your link: http://hustleproject.org/ isn't working. Otherwise, loving your attitudes and your stuff.  Thanks for making it!~ http://www.khellriegel.com

Sew Ninja says:

Awesome! I'm loving the course so far! Can't wait to get started!

Jason Bracht says:

had a blast being on here! Thanks Dale!

Dog Dad says:

Fantastic! Love seeing you guys together.

Mr Blogger says:

Another great video, I have a noob questions:
for beginners with less investment money, how much pages a book should have?

Less says:

that was really great bro! appreciate it! <3 🙂

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