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Self Publishing – Tips On Marketing Your Self-Published Book

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Self Publishing says:
Self Publishing says:

well done!

GameGuy Advance says:

Selling books is very, very hard for me.

Robert Sutter says:

This video is basically an advertisement for Amazon. I am not going to use
Amazon, I don’t like their monopolistic grip on the industry and I don’t
like the way they treat their authors. I am excited to find and help build
real alternatives. Let’s do it!

Grahame Cossum says:

I spent $2000 on editing and proofreading my self help book.
Lets put it this way, if you are not willing to invest in your OWN work,
then why should anyone else

Donna DeVane says:

Working on getting a website done now. I finally broke down and got a

Gene J. says:

I have had my books available in paperback as well as in eBook format. I
have Book Video Trailers, Facebook, Google +, and email. I never
considered a Webpage. I thought that the above and an Amazon Author Page
were enough. I am also doing a book signing at Greenville Pa’s Heritage
Days on July 5 in Riverside Park. Would a website enable me to get the
word out more efficiently and allow more time to write more books?

Jeff M says:

Forget Amazon! They stink and so does their CEO Jeff Bezos who has no
regard for the country promoting Shamnesty slave workers. How’s that for a
review? Come up with creative marketing, not the same ol’ same ol’.

PuttyKang says:

Great tips, thanks! Maybe you will check out my book as well?

Cacai Bass says:

No guessing and no wondering any more thank you

Timothy Mullins says:

I have downloaded the free book. Thank you for all the helpful tips!

carol pearson says:

I really Like the way you not only present your videos well, but give out
such great tips thank you and well done

Raymond Despatch says:

Tips are so cool, like this one!

KBT500 says:

I totally agree about proofreading content before publishing!

FullSportHD says:

This is intriguing. I hope I could get a number 1 spot on amazon!

Janice Scott says:

Thanks for sharing this tips!

Legendary117mssx says:

I am considering self-publishing a book. This guide will surely help me in
my quest.

George Pearson says:

You got my like! Im spreading this to my friends!

Laurie McMener says:


Georgina Louise says:

Have looked at your website and decided to go for it.

Vernon Morgan says:


Louisa George says:

your tips are all spot on useful!

Natalie Baker says:

its high time to market my books! This video is a great help! Thanks to the
ones who made the video!

Maria Alacer says:

What an informative output. Thanks a lot man!

Jackie Collins says:

I like it and everything…

Sukret Tantrawong says:


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