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Self-Publishing: Title & Copyright Page

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Learn about Copyright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzuNqoJRbuM

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Nev Jordan says:

Which ISBN do you register your book with on Create Space: the 10 or the 13?

Fruma Merlo says:

who is you publusher? o your editorial?

MysticRae says:

So on the website to electronically add it, i saw u can do a preregistration buts its like 140 and idk if that includes the actual price to register it which i found was 35. So did u get the copyright done before u submitted to Createspace? Like get all the ISBN and copyright done before Createspace will take it?

M50101 says:

great tips thanks!

Destroyer11623 says:

I feel strangely attracted to you when I listen to your voice

Maria Gen says:

Uh…did you just added that copyright page before you published on createspace? I mean…before you export your document file into PDF, did you write the copyright page along with two different ISBN? And where's the circle c? I can't find any if I have to insert that copyright page all on my own….the only thing I find is….@ and not C.

Kaneki // Nightcores, Gameplay, and more! says:

ill try to reuploadd my deleted video

cnlicnli says:

You could also include the following text on the Title & Copyright Page:

“By purchasing an authorized version of this book, you are supporting and encouraging Mandi Lynn and other authors to continue to engage readers with their stories. Thank you.”

Below, an alternative “thank you for purchasing this book” language is sourced from http://www.penguin.com/ajax/books/excerpt/9780399174230:

“Penguin supports copyright. Copyright fuels creativity, encourages diverse voices, promotes free speech, and creates a vibrant culture. Thank you for buying an authorized edition of this book and for complying with copyright laws by not reproducing, scanning, or distributing any part of it in any form without permission. You are supporting writers and allowing Penguin to continue to publish books for every reader.”

At approx. the 1:00 mark, Mandi states that you need to include your LEGAL name on your copyright page.

That’s not correct. You can identify your authorship with any name, including a nick-name or a pseudonym. Just choose a name that most people identify with you.

Here’s what the US Copyright Office says about using given names: (http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-register.html#realname):

Question: Do I have to use my real name on the form? Can I use a stage name or a pen name?

Answer: There is no legal requirement that the author be identified by his or her real name on the application form… http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl101.pdf

If you have a common name, you could include a middle name or initial to help distinguish your authorships from
competing writers who share the same name.

If your matter went to court, it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t include your real name. Many well-known authors use alias or nicknames.

I’m going to post some information on copyright and its registration process on Mandi’s other YouTube link page (YA Ink- Copyright): https://youtu.be/vzuNqoJRbuM

Matreya. Rene says:

Thank you so much this helped alot becuase i was really clueless

TheMangaKitten says:

Hello, I just wrote a book and I want to make it an e-book. I really want to just see how people would like it and how it would go. I didn't really want to have to go through the whole copyright process, but should I? Is there a easier or cheaper way to do it?

Blah Playhard says:

If I self-publish and use a pen name can I list the copyright as my publishing company or my pen name? I don't want my real name anywhere on this thing.

T.L novelas says:

How do you make books. The pages in general. THank you

matty Pool says:

Thanks so much!

Ash Ley says:

How do you make your book covers? Do you have someone take your pics (professionally) for the cover and then upload them to create space?

VVaver'sJourney says:

How much money do you make as an Author at this point in your career?

Beelzefroggo says:

Sorry for the stupid question, but do you have to apply for some legal junk to copyright your book or can you just write it in there?

Joy Blaylock says:

Yes! I requested this video on your Facebook and you did it! This is such a great help. Now I know what to do. Thank you again! PS: Buying Essence on Amazon for Christmas.

Hannah TheWriter says:

I do know for one thing that it is a good idea to have a book copyrighted. you don't want anyone stealing your idea for your book.

Paula Puddephatt says:

How did you get an ISBN? When I did my very first self_published poetry books, the guy who printed them sorted that, and I just had to register with British Library, etc. My Lulu poetry books have no ISBNs, and aren't available via Amazon, etc. I have never used Createspace before, but when my novel is done, I need to look into options. Thank you. I did consider using Paula Michelle on my novel, as I don't like my maiden or married last names and nobody can spell or pronounce them, but then, Google can find them, so there are pros and come with that. xxx

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