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Self-Publishing Tutorial: The Top 10 Things You Should Know about Self-Publishing Your Book.

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From my August 31, 2010 free self-publishing webinar.

Thank you for watching this video, and you’re invited to attend all of my free online webinars where questions are encouraged. You can find out more about my self-publishing and book marketing services by visiting http://www.publishandsell.com or http://www.facebook.com/henry.hutton.

The full one-hour video can be purchased and downloaded for $4.99 by clicking this link:


Webinar: The Top 10 Things to Know about Self-Publishing in Today’s Environment.

In this one-hour overview we’ll cover the changing world of self publishing, the various self-publishing options that are available, and how these options might affect you. This is a fully interactive session, and you’ll be encouraged to ask questions at various points during the workshop.

We’ll talk about the different self-publishing services and companies, including the free online sites like Lulu and Createspace. Although I helped start Lulu back in 2002 I now use both services for my clients, as they each have their specific advantages.

Other self-publishing options will also be discussed.

We’ll also talk about ebook publishing, since ebooks and ebook readers are all the buzz right now!

This class serves as a great introduction into the other PublishandSell Workshops. Also, don’t forget to keep up with the latest self-publishing news at my site www.PublishandSell.com, and on my Facebook Profile. Need more help? Call me at 919-247-1832 or email me at hhutton@publishandsell.com, and we’ll arrange a personal one-on-one session to answer all your questions.

I’m looking forward to talking with you!

Henry Hutton
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Ankit Tiwari says:

i think Dexter Haven is right your voice is not clear and u not use the
picture representation on your video it create impression on people mind
and it easy to learn. “jaiho”

Dexter Haven says:

The audio quality is terrible, which undermines your credibility. I think
to myself, “If the guy can’t get or use a decent microphone, how
professional can he be? Is his advice as bush-league as his microphone?”
Presentation matters. This is like going to a job interview in pajamas.

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Tom Heatherington says:

Thanks for sharing. What I like about self publishing is that, when you
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Ray Kaelin says:

Thanks for the info!

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