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Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

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Let’s address some myths surrounding Self/Traditional publishing and sort out once and for all which is best for you.
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Deina Ristic says:

This was lovely and informative! Thank you so much~

gerard thebookworm says:

Thanks again for the information. As a bookstore employee, it's very complicated and difficult to get self-published books in stores. Depending how the book is marketed self-published authors can be successful doing it on their own via their website and social media and being present at book events. It's best that all authors do their research so they know the ins and outs of this industry. It really depends what the writer wants from their book.

Yan Toha says:

Lol, I love the product placement.

booksNdrinks88 says:

This is one of the best videos regarding self or traditional publishing. Thank you so much for neatly laying out the pros and cons of both. I personally am in favor of self-publishing and I'm currently working on my first novel (just need to finish it first 🙂 )

I rate this video a 5*

LifeOfJazmin says:

this deserves more views

Kenzie Staley says:

Great video! Not Bias, which I love. I think there are pros and cons to both. And I think it really does depend on the person and how the want their path to go.

em_ma says:

Really helpful video with good points, thank you! Especially what you said about agents.

Books Are My Hart says:

Great video! The objectivity was important and well-thought out. Both sides have their merits – it was nice to see you honor and discuss that.
P.S. The whistling music!:) lol

awordmakesmecrumble says:

I think redoing your older videos is actually really cool, its something I think about occasionally and will probably do a long time ahead in the future. xD This is very informative and well made! Def saving this to a folder to come back to as a reference later.~

MyAdultLife says:

Lovely ending to a very well informed video. 🙂
I think Self Publishing is going to become a lot more known and respected in the not booktube/author tube community soon, (That was a terrible way for saying that) because of social media. People are getting to see the faces behind the books in a way they have not before and that generates interest.
Publishers are already catching on with people like Sasha from aBookUtopia co writing a book with Lindsey and the Because You Love To Hate Me, not to mention (in a non fiction genre) all of the biographies youtubers are writing.
The evolution of both traditional and self publishing is going to be interesting to watch for sure. 🙂

Jordypaigebooks says:

Really enjoyed this video!! Super helpful 🙂

clarareadsbooks says:

First of all, this is a FANTASTIC video! So many things I've never thought about. I love that you did pros and cons for both. It's beyond helpful and I feel wicked educated now! I can tell you put a lot of time and research into this and I just wanted to say good job pal 🙂
Secondly, ayyyyy I see that PDL comic you snuck in there ;D

Abigail D says:

I'm starting to lean more on the self publishing road for my novel. I've self-published a small poetry collection and now that I've experienced it on a smaller scale, I'd be willing to take on a bigger document. BUT THEN AGAIN the whole marketing of traditional publishing is very appealing haha.
It never even occurred to me until I read a blog post by Susan Dennard that sometimes it's the end of an author's career if their first book does poorly. She was considering using a pen name to publish Truthwitch because her first book wasn't a success and so many weren't willing to take the risk with her. D:

jlw reads says:

Annnnd now I'm just terrified, all around. hahaha

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