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Self-Publishing vs Traditional: What’s best for your first book?

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For my first book I did a LOT of research to try to decide if I should work to get a publishing deal as a new author, or if I should go the self-publishing route. After learning a lot about both of my options for my first book, I made a decision… which you may find surprising!

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Are you a new author? How are you planning to get your book published? Let me know in the comments!


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Gillian Perkins says:

Are you a writer? Do you plan to go the self-publishing route or try to get a traditional publishing deal? Leave me a comment and let me know!
(Also, just curious — what do you write about??)

Jenna West says:

Thanks for the tips in your video! I have been thinking of going the self-publishing route and your videos have helped me realize that it isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I am excited to self-publish!
I am currently writing a Sci-Fi Dystopian novel that tells the story of an 18 year old girl who travels to a frozen planet to participate in exploring it, where she discovers an ancient group of people living there.
Thanks again for your videos, and I look forward to getting my book out there as soon as I can!

Jessika Wolfe says:

Hey girl!
This was such a fantastically informative video, thank you 🙏🏼

I’m currently writing a book of short creepy stories 👻 Sweet little nightmares ☺️

After this video I’m thinking of going the self publishing route because like you I don’t have a very wide network either.

I’m working on it, but I’m no celebrity lol

I’d love to hear your advice on marketing your book and the steps that you took

Thank you again for this awesome video 🖤

AshGotNiceHair says:

About how much would you say it would cost total to self publish a book?

American Accent Hacks says:

Gillian! I am a huge fan of your channel:) Thanks for this video, I found it really helpful. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I fall into so many research rabbit holes that I might actually do it when I’m 100! But seriously, when I’m ready I’ll definitely take your online course about it, it sounds awesome, and big congrats on your success!!

Bianca Sommerland says:

You made me very nervous when you said 'self-publishing company'. I was hoping you didn't mean a vanity press! lol

For POD it's good to know how different companies work and I'm glad you mentioned that. Some great advice here. 🙂

Gregory Adorian says:

The one self publishing company I was interested in using they wanted to monopolize the digital copies and also they wanted me to use a website they published and ran. That seems to be a big drawback for me. Its like they are selling a bundle and it's a niche they are in Christian books are not really sold in regular book shops; they are independent of mainstream and have their own distribution networks as far as I know. These things are getting in my way need some other options.

Amy from the O says:

What was your book about?

Dale Kriens says:

someday if I get a little extra money you might have a guy in one of your classes. I think you sound honest and are probably have pretty useful information.

Gail Radcliffe says:

I'm planning a book on kitchen kitchen design for home owners.

Mandi Lynn says:

This is probably one of the hardest choices as a writer. I self-published two of my novels and I think I'll choose the same route for my third novel. If you do your work as a self-published author, it can be just as rewarding as being traditionally published.

ammar alsalhy says:

I,m writing my first book in English. Still not sure witch route to go with because I live in Iraq and nobody is interested in publishing a book in English but i will deal with publishing method once the book is completed.

Maria Pesneau says:

Hi Gillian, Once you've self-published your book and say it has done well like yours did, would it be feasable and interesting to re-publish it on the traditionnal way? Now that it is known that your book is good wouldn't it be interesting to let a publishing company do a second "launch" with their marketing means so that you can touch even more people?
Thanks for all the good content you're puting out there, it's soooo educational 🙂

Iyesha I. says:

Thank you, so helpful.

Morgoth says:

How do I succesfully market and advertise my book, if I choose to self-publish?

Silvia Kay says:

I definitely like the sound of self-publishing better. Something about it appeals to my independent spirit.

californiacurt says:

Lots of good content in your videos, but the clean, blank background and the lack of any slides, photos or graphics makes watching kind of boring. Just some constructive criticism.

creations landscape designs says:

I am in process of finishing my book about 50 CA native plants. I want to self publish in order to have more control.

RWJonesAIC says:

Hi Gillian, I am seriously considering self publishing a book. Your input would be extremely valuable as it would save me hours and hours of research thus giving me more time to improve the final product. Oh, my work would be on "how to" financially evaluate different opportunities to determine their viability as an full-time business. In other words, determine the growth potential and what it would take before you could support yourself full-time.

Sandra The Mom Boss says:

I self published with Amazon. I've made so many mistakes🙈 But I'm learning. This was an interesting analysis. Thanks👌

Katy Adelson says:

I'm currently writing a music book, which is a little different, but somewhat similar. ^_^ I'm also trying to run through the pros and cons of going with a music book publisher like Mel Bay vs. self publishing it. I've started to discover when I talk to music stores that they pretty much only order from Hal Leonard and Mel Bay's catalogs. Music stores aren't ordering from Amazon or specific artists who have an online store… If I want my music book in a music store, I'd probably need to go with a big publisher.

Another monkey wrench thrown into the mix is that a lot of print-on-demand publishers seem to make everything much more expensive for a saddle stitch (2 staples..lol..) or spiral binding (I understand the more expensive spiral bindings…), but keep glued bindings fairly cheap, or even "free." I hate when music books have a glued binding because they never stay flat on the music stand, so I really need to go with a saddle stitch or spiral binding… If I self-publish the book, keeping an inventory would be the best option since it literally cuts the printing costs in half using a saddle stitch binding, compared to costs of the print-on-demand saddle stitch binding… But this raises more questions regarding how many books to print, especially since I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on this project…

But even with all of these extra speed bumps, I'm still leaning pretty heavily on the self-publishing idea. I guess I'm a bit of a control freak and want to make sure that I own all the rights to my arrangements, and that I can control when my book goes out of print. x_x I'm probably going to do a pre-order to test the waters and get an idea of how many I need to initially print, and then try to have a plan on how to navigate the whole marketing thing once it launches. I don't know anything about marketing, so I'm nervous about that… :S Maybe I should take your workshop! ^_^ I'm a bit nervous thinking about the whole shipping aspect of everything too lol, but I'll cross that bridge later…

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