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Self vs. Traditional Publishing

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What’s the difference between self and traditional publishing? Is one choice better than the other? I answer these questions and more in today’s vlog.


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Fallyn Raine says:

That t-shirt is super adorable. 🙂

Jack neff says:

That is all well and good but finding a traditional publisher who will except your work is also ni to impossible without and agent and good agents are as difficult or more so than finding a publisher!! There are no more over the transom authors being accepted. Unless your Stephen Kings son or wife doing it yourself is really really tough!

Awesome8263 says:

May or may not have just binge watched your videos for the past two and a half hours. school tomorrow…..whoops.

James Englebert says:

What's your opinion on writing convincing character motivations that are not cliche.

Britney Foster says:

I need help! I really care what my book looks like; cover etc. and I want to have a lot of control over everything. But I'm only 15 and I want to get my book out there by the time I'm 17 and I'm afraid that all the business crap of books I can't do on my own. I also think my book could do really well but i might not be able to market it enough and one of my worst fears is that I've spent all this time on it and it'll be stolen from me or no one will read it. I'm stressing out a lot about this. I've looked at both options and I'm still confused! Any advice would be helpful! Thanks! 😘

Erika T. Bus says:

I love this! I'm trying to decide which route I want to go and this is very helpful. Thank you 🙂

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