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BookBaby is the world’s largest eBook distribution network for indie authors. In this video, learn how BookBaby is all you need to self publish your eBook so it can be read on every reading device including the Kindle, iPad, Nook and Sony Reader, and sold around the globe at Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, the Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie, and many more. By using BookBaby to sell your eBook, you retain all publishing and ownership rights and keep 100% of your eBook sales.

BookBaby makes life easy for authors. How? Well, you’ve written a book. It’s great. Your style is Wilder than Oscar and somewhere between Tolstoy and Twain. Your readers won’t be able to put it down. But rather than submitting your manuscript to publishers and waiting around for that small chance they’ll realize your literary genius, you can get your book published, distributed, and sold now with BookBaby!

BookBaby is the fastest and easiest way to publish and distribute your masterpiece globally. Just upload your manuscript in almost any format, provide us with some basic information about your book, and set your selling price.

If you’re not quite up-to-snuff on all that tech stuff, we have helpful customer support who can walk you through every step.

Then, you can either upload your own eBook cover or choose to let our award-winning graphics team design a beautiful, professional, and affordable cover for you that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

From there, we turn your manuscript into an eBook file that we deliver to all the major eBook retailers, from which your fans will be able to purchase your eBook – right alongside all the classics and bestsellers.

We can even send you a proof of your eBook before we deliver it, to make sure it’s exactly to your liking. Then all you have to do is just sit back and watch the money from your book sales come pouring in–and you retain 100% of the revenue. BookBaby takes no commission on your sales. And you can track all your sales on our convenient author dashboard.

Why not let BookBaby print a few physical copies of your book? They’re affordable, beautiful, and professional, available in quantities as low as 25 units. They’re perfect for book signings or your own personal distribution to family and friends.

We know you have “great expectations” for that book you’ve been working on–and we want to help you surpass those. That’s why, for as low as $99, we provide an unbelievably easy way to publish your eBook with no work, worries, and no “wrath”.

So log onto http://www.bookbaby.com and get published now!

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