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Should illustrators create self published books?

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Children’s book illustrators are often asked to work on self published books with authors or want to self publish their own books. In this video we discuss the hows, whys, and ifs…will it hurt your career in the long run? What are the unforeseen problems that can arise? What are the up-sides?

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nyrryl cadiz says:


Katnipp Illustrations says:

Thank you so much for this, it's super helpful, i'm currently working with an author who approached me who is getting published, Childrens books are my passion and dream, so for me i am willing to risk not making a great deal on my first book, do you feel this was a good decision to make? I just thought it was getting my foot in the door, so willing to take a smaller cut than i usually would!

Ka Rolding says:

Man, this was an amazing interview. Learned a lot, especially about self-respect as an artist.

rcs says:

What is IP?

rmier says:

Hello sir, I'm new to your channel but I've been enjoying your videos, I hope you'd make a video about your current tools in 2017. What do you use currently? I bought a windows tablet for digital illustration in hope of using full desktop softwares, and I regretted it. It was very clunky and not user-friendly at all. So many incompatibilities and bugs. I wonder if you have tried the ipad pro? Would love to hear your experiences on drawing on tablets

dani khali says:

so aweome, thank you both

marshall almeida says:

I love when you two get together and chat, It's always informative and interesting. Thanks Will and Tyrus, great stuff!

Paul Mina Storm says:

Way too much testosterone here. Tyrus has a tendency to labor (obvious) points. Borderline aggressive. Will steered it pretty well but when Tyrus takes over he ALWAYS comes back to $$$ and protecting his ass. Just left me feeling bitter.

Terry Banks says:


Terry Banks says:

Great stuff! As a freelance graphic designer/illustrator for over 30 years, I have faced very similar problems and your insightful videos are educational and reassuring. Keep up the great work!!!

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