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Should you self-publish?

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Are you considering self-publishing a book? The Book Doctors cover the pros and cons as well as what writers must consider for self-publishing success. http://www.thebookdoctors.com

In this video, we give an overview of self-publishing and traditional publishing:
• Publishing timeframe
• Literary agents
• Publicity and marketing
• Control over your book
• Becoming your own publisher
• Discoverability (aka getting the word out)
• Cost
• Print on demand
• Vetting professionals

THE BOOK DOCTORS: We’re Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry. Between us, we have a quarter of a century’s worth of experience turning talented writers into published authors. We’re dedicated to helping writers get their books published. Successfully!

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AprillC says:

Such a great presentation of just as great information. So I've self-published already and now I'm not sure of how to go about "getting my book out there". What can you suggest?


bagel's bum says:

Love the hair! I also love your videos! Thank you so much!!

Vitamin J says:

Love your videos and advice guys. I'm stuck in query hell and find these videos keep me motivated to push through ; )

Ken Ward says:

I love all of your videos. Thank you for all of your wisdom and advice!

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