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The 6 Key Foundations for Book Marketing Success – Ebook Publishing School 2.0 Video 3

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In this video, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and founder of TCK Publishing shares the 6 Key Foundations for Marketing Success.

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Tom Corson-Knowles says:

Video 3 is now live for Ebook Publishing School 2.0! Learn the 6 Key
Foundations for Marketing Success in 2015.

Tanya Mills says:

Thanks for all of the amazing advice. Really hit home.

Jamie Sutherland says:

Thank you for really driving home the need for these foundations! 

Eran Solomon says:

Hi Tom!
Keep up the good work!
I don’t have the time right now to really comment on these latest videos, I
just want to say that for some reason I’m having trouble navigating thru
the videos on utube. Why aren’t there links for the next video somewhere on
the one you’re watching?I can’t seem to find#4!

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

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