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The Horrible Hidden Truth About Self-Publishing That Nobody Wants You to Know

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I made this video to explain how indie authors can overcome the common obstacles self-publishers face: how to reach more readers and get more visibility for their books (without getting into bookstores). For more on the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing, check out the companion article here:

The horrible hidden truth about self-publishing that nobody wants you to know


Michael Pilgrim says:

Thanks Derek – This is very helpful, nice one

Roxsane Tiernan says:

Thanks. It is well worth understanding the publishing and sales processes. A real help

Amber Dalcourt says:

When I was a service provider I used to group people into two categories: People who paid me to do as I was told, and people who paid me to be an expert in my field. Guess which group succeeded. Hint: it wasn't the first group.

It boggles my mind when a laymen recognises that they don't have the skills to bring the work to a professional level then turns around and tells a service provider how to do their jobs. It's a weird disconnect that means the service provider's is limited to the expertise of the client. I think this issue alone is why so many designers, editors, marketers, just rage quit on services and turn around to offer courses.

jonnie byford says:

Aha, so you are based in the States! You have that mid-Atlantic grammar and vocabulary…

jonnie byford says:

80% of self-published books don't sell more than a 100 copies! Flippin' 'eck! Just as well my book is called 151% PROOF, jejeje…

VintageMari says:

This video has been very helpful. Thank you. Over and over again, I find your advice to be enlightening. I've been thinking a lot about the things mentioned in this video and now feel compelled to finally act on my gut feelings.

Stuart Thorpe says:

Thank you for sharing a lot of valuable information. I am within sight of self-publishing my second book, a novel, and need all the help I can get! My first book is a different genre, with a specific, local audience and is going well, despite my lack of technical, on-line ability and promotional skills. I am learning and your video here on You Tube is a big help. You are a smoker right? Forgive the personal comment, if you answer, I will tell you how I guessed.

MrAdirene60 says:


kutangelwings says:

I did my first comic/manga on createspace.com and it was a pain in the ass. It is not user friendly at all and they didn't have many options for comic books. They do not have the option for staple bindings, So my manga kind of looks like it might be a coloring book. I had many issues with the proof versions I ordered like smudged ink and wrinkled pages, but now that its finished the final version seems to be fine. They are a good site for novels, but I don't think they have any clue about comics, manga, or picture books.

Morgan Tracy J says:

Enjoyed! Very informational

james nathan says:

Good information

Steve Harris says:

Good advice, thanks.

R Lindsey says:

Great info though a little hard to understand you at times. I'm curious who or what method do you use for editing your books before you publish? You mentioned something about putting a book out in a couple weeks for free to draw in readers but that is hardly enough time to polish the work and present it to people who do not know who you are. I've self-published two books already but with no success. They took me about five years (I have a full time job, writing is not my life) to write and get edited and were still not perfect. I am in the process of getting them re-edited currently. I am also working on another novel and a short story. I plan to give out the short story for free at book signings and online. I have come to the realization that marketing is my problem with getting sales and followers. So in addition to the free short when its completed, in the mean time I've been trying to promote my work by posting on twitter about my progress or any new ideas for another book.

jacob smith says:

The Only Course On How To Systematize 95% Of A Self-publishing Business That Creates True Passive Income Without Doing All The Work!

Stasha Eriksen says:

I just got my 1st negative review on Amazon today, ouch! I am so glad I found your channel! So much to learn about self publishing!

Dan Davis says:

Great stuff, as always.

Yan Toha says:

Thanks a lot Derek.

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