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The Kindle Publishers Bible – Best-Selling Author Bev Flaxington Interview

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In today’s show, we interviewed Bev Flaxington, International Bestselling and Gold-award winning author of Understanding Other People. Bev shares her secrets of self publishing success. In her best month, she earned over $12,000 in royalties! Who said you can’t earn a great living as a self published author?

In the interview, Bev shares her strategies for success, including investing in creating a professional book with a high quality book cover, professional editing and graphics. Bev also blogs regularly to promote her work as an author and does as much PR as possible. She has now hired a PR firm to help with media exposure, using her book royalties to pay for the investment.

Bev actually received a $5,000 advance from a publisher for her very first book, something very rare for a first time author without a huge platform. But the royalties from the book could barely cover the advance! She found it was much more profitable to self publish rather than go with a traditional publisher.

Bev recommends using free publicity sources including HARO, ReporterConnection and PitchRate. Bev says chunk it down with your nonfiction books – less is more! Don’t overwhelm readers with too much content – just give them what they need and leave out the fluff.

Learn more about Bev at http://www.TheHumanBehaviorCoach.com

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nowaydudebook says:

Very well done;-)

Angela Lane Woods says:

Phenomenal interview! Thanks so much for sharing all of this info with
us. There’s nothing really left to do but to get it done. 

Admiral Bolitho says:

Tom, this series is so informative. I like hearing from other authors.
While there are similarities in advice there are also common themes–and in
those common themes I find the best information. Keep up the good work. 

Ty Hager says:

I found this quite insightful and useful Tom! Got this link from your Bible
lol. Which is highly motivational as well.

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

Awesome, Anna! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Glad you loved the
interview and my books too!

Anna Fussell says:

Tom, I really enjoyed your interview with Bev. There were lots of tips that
I found really helpful. I liked her point about having several streams of
income so that you don’t put all that pressure on just your books to
generate income. Your books are phenomenonal. I am so envious of how simply
and straightforward you write. I got to this interview from your book The
Kindle Writing Bible. I’ve written for over 40 years, and I am learning
stuff from you.

Delatorro McNeal says:

Wow! Extremely infinite visualization towards others.

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