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The Secret To Writing A Best Selling Kindle Book

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True, if you want to make money as an Amazon Kindle author you need to think differently. Don’t just write a book on any random subject and hope people will be interested in that topic.

RESEARCH and find the hottest topics and write books in that genre. This isn’t rocket surgery… don’t try to re-invent the wheel here. Look at what is working and do that.



Annabelle707 says:

I wrote a book I think people would find very useful. So I really dont
wanna write a book about aliens. How do I get it to sell??? 

Theo T says:

i wrote a book how to eat good pussy…i made a million dollars….

Jflux69 says:


teecee90 says:

Here’s an idea – Instead of writing a book about shit stabbing, if want to
make money, GET A FKING JOB.

Bob McElligott says:

Hey Kinghuman. I’m still having trouble getting books to format correctly.
Bullet points, boxed in text, hi-lites etc… don’t transfer correctly. I
bought KD Publishing and so far it does not do what it says even though
people are promoting it. Any ideas? And thanks for all you do to help
others. I always thought there were proctologists in space. I guess not.
That right there could be a money maker. Just gotta get me a spaceship.

alexmcginness says:

Great advice. I read a great quote that addresses this. ” Do you want to be
a best selling author or a best writing author.” I believe it was in the
series of ” Rich Dad Poor Dad.” books.

S. Wilkerson says:

King Human what would you do if you were living paycheck to paycheck on
minimum wage? I mean if you had to save up money little at a time from each
paycheck, where would you spend that money to give yourself a new stream of

Lucky Leaves says:

So that means, right now, write a vampire book with lots of erotica and
dystopian characteristics in it. 

Honkytonk Sue says:

Love ya, King!

KingHuman says:
Hiran Rodriguez says:

how to make 70,000? Let me see you make 70,000 first you misleading fuck
before i get sucked in your videos. I’m tired of all these people
“teaching” with nothing to back it up 

Carlton O says:

Good video.

Shawn Kool says:

Niche and product research should always done first before running any
marketing campaigns.

Jorge Gonzalez says:


Kelly Kelli says:

Rats, was hoping to be the first to comment…

stuttkjukkenify says:

When you look at the top selling books there is usually 10 more about the
same subject. It doesnt mean your book will sell if you make another one

Joseph Baldobino says:

Hey king human I want personal help I want to make lots of money can u help
me out plz and can we skype or something 

Jason Gaddie says:

This multi angle, multi whatever editing you are trying out is annoying and
it makes your video look cheap.
Stick to what works, we are here for info, not multi angle entertainment.
The mental thing with the glasses was cool, though

jerome caplan says:

Nice video! Good content and great production skills. Have you hired a
production crew, because your videos are starting to take on a more
professional look. I love your angles on IM and the concepts you are
sharing can be transferred to many projects in marketing. Its important to
know whats trending and whats showing positive results BEFORE you pour you
time and money into a project.

inate03 says:

KH, I laughed so hard during this video I dropped my cup of coffee.
You are so funny!!

Noel Lackey Jr. says:

Good video. Most people just want a copy and paste method and then they get
pissed when they don’t make bank.


good Video. 

CODDisplay TheOverGun says:


Josh Baldock says:

Thanks for the Skype chat yeaterday! It’s awesome how much time you give to
your members / followers.

dodododa says:

Please don’t burp.

Violet Lee says:

Thanks for the advice King Human!

Tony Vega says:

Hahahahaha “instead of ass probing me, they made me ass probe them” :D.
King Human should do stand up.

Luke Grekat says:

Lol. My last girlfriend left me cause I wouldn’t let her probe me! that’s
just nasty! Great idea on the kindle book! That’s a hot item these days! I
think I’ll try that one! YOU RULE! It’s called, “IDEA MAN.”

BlackMasterJoe89 says:

You are speaking the truth here. If you want to make money with kindle
books, find what books are selling the best and write a book about it. One
more thing I would add is if you are writing it yourself, make sure you’re
interested in the topic unless you’re outsourcing. 

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