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The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords tutorial series #2)

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Learn the best practices of the bestselling ebook authors. This comprehensive tutorial, presented by Mark Coker of Smashwords, teaches authors 16 best practices for reaching more readers. Topics covered include book marketing, cover design, how to use FREE ebooks to draw more readers to priced books, how book sales develop over time, retail distribution strategy, platform building, maximizing viral word-of-mouth with Viral Catalysts, pricing strategy, piracy, preorders, how to collaborate with other authors to build readership, global book markets, connecting with fans, and tips to build a more profitable self publishing business.


Nunov Yrbznes says:

The average person can read 4 or 5 times faster than someone can talk, esp. if they're trying to explain something. Is there a book for this presentation?

Adele Celeste says:

This video is almost the same as the first tutorial in the series.

It is comical to think that people are NEVER going fight for a cause online (political or religious) or have a bad day or have a bad experience with a company. It will be online, because that is life. I agree that you should be positive whenever possible, but we are human beings and we should not try to be fake.

You need to be honest above all. I sincerely hope that book reviewers and product reviewers are not lying if they say something is good. You should not be encouraging people to be positive at the expense of the truth. I refuse to give positive views about negative experiences I have had. I do not want to build my career on deceit. We need truthful reviews!

Maria Gowda says:

Great info! Clear and motivating tips for newcomers into the indie authors world. Thanks Mark.

Kitty Boyes says:

This is so informative and helped me no end to understand those things I didn't and to show me what I was already doing right. Thank you very much! Great advice and with passion for the writer.

VSL Digital says:

Mark, Thank You.
I have a video production company. I know how much work goes into making a video of this length and quality.
I look forward to my relationship with Smashwords. I am a new author and really love the information and guidance you provide.
Dude, you rock! Thanks again.

DrOver Lord says:

Thank you for the very helpful video!

Peter Bollington says:

I want to thank Mark for everything, including my resurgence of optimism out of a hopeless feeling because of problems with the paper industry approach to publishing. It's also very refreshing to be in touch with a real person, and who is offering so much to me, to help me. I cannot express my appreciation adequately. Thank you, Mark!.

Ron W says:

Pure insights into the world of Self Publishing

Mike Smith says:

Honest, useful and encouraging advice from an expert.  Every author, whether self-publishing or not, should read this and follow through.

ReGenesis Radio says:

Great tutorial got more than I expected but need.

Vinay Kumar says:

interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for best ebook cover creator try Cranstirk Easy Cover Channel (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

Brittany Fichter says:

Thank you so much for this video! It opened my eyes to what Smashwords is about. I appreciate the video's practicality and honesty. It doesn't sound like so many of the overnight success promises I've seen on other self-publishing websites. I'm planning on using Smashwords as soon as my book is ready, hopefully in a few weeks!

Haydn Jones says:

Probably the best advice you'll ever get. Well done Mark Coker

Rod Martin, Jr. says:

Outstanding advice. Thanks!

Peter Allerton says:

Mark you're a legend, thanks for all the advice!!! I really hope Kindle Select stop demanding exclusivity soon, so Smashwords can rise as high as it deserves!

Claudette Alexander-James says:

Thanks for a serious informative video

Ps Burch says:

Priceless information!!  Golden Rule reminder is always, always value added.  Thank you so much!

BNL07604 says:

This was very useful, thank you.

Candace Campbell says:

Thanks this was very helpful 

MysteStorm says:

Is SMASHWORDS only for people in the United States? I have just written my memoirs, and would like to consider the company because of this video. Can you let me know.

Siegfried Walther says:

What impresses me about Mark Coker is that he is not into making a money at someone else's expense. His idea is to help is authors become better at what they do, which, in the longer term, will make more money for his authors. When that happens, he will also will profit. It's about a partnership where everyone benefits!!

Farook Maricar says:

Thanks much Mark. Great information to put me pointed in the right direction. Look forward to putting them to good use…

the IT videos says:

great advice mate! respect to you all the way from Australia! cheers!

Stephany Minor says:

Hey! Have you tried – Ka-ching! Six Figure Kindle Profit (just google it)? I've heard some decent things about it and my cooworker got cool money with it. 

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