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Things You Need to Know Before Self-Publishing With Amazon: Simple Self-Publishing Part 1

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Kindle Direct Publishing: http://www.kdp.amazon.com
Kindle Scout: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/
Kindle Singles: http://amzn.to/1QQH3sa
Kindle Worlds: https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/

The first step in self-publishing is deciding where to take your business. In our first how to self-publish video, simple self-publishing part 1, we go over what options Amazon has for self-publishing to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Amazon has many different options for self-publishing, but many aspects require you to be exclusive with them. In the video we go over what royalty rates Amazon will give you, what countries you can publish from, and much more.

We cover Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s main publishing option, and the bonuses you’ll get if you’re exclusive with them, Kindle Scout, a reader powered publishing platform, Kindle Singles, a very exclusive traditional-style publishing platform, and Kindle Worlds, a publishing option which allows you to write a story using a world from popular fiction.

Amazon’s options are extensive, so there will be another video detailing other options Amazon provides for self-publishing at a later date. (Or already out depending on what time you’re watching this.)

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ajshim says:

I am working on a high fantasy novel and I am so happy I found your video and channel. Your videos were incredibly helpful and now I have more confidence in my writings and its future.

metalman2140 says:

This video was very helpful. 🙂

Roman Erjavec says:

Your eyes……they are… staring in to my soul

Tahere Shey says:

I want to publish my Farsi book on Amazon but I can't find Farsi font, however, there are many Farsi book on Amazon. I emailed KDP different times but they don't get my point. Also I want my book to be sold on hard copy. Does anyone can advice?

Charlie Abbot says:

It seems like the Romance novel is still a hot item. Have you worked with any authors or aspiring authors in this genre?

Amber Garibay says:

FIRST GLANCE QUESTIONS: ROYALTY OPTIONS…Should I choose the 35% Royalty Option or the 70% Royalty option? Who would want to make less than 70% and who would pay $200 for a book? If I priced my book at 99 cents will I sell more books or simply decrease the value?

Linus Akali says:

What about publishing from Italy, or in Italian Language? And what about books already on sale in the bookshops , I want to publish my works also on ebooks using Amazon

Tonberry Queen says:

I'm writing a fictional book based on greek mythology and was wondering if it would be okay to just go the ebook way. I'd like to do physical copies, but I'm broke. lol

Radioactive Walrus says:

So as far as needing to own the copyright in order to collect revenue could I do so immediately after filing for copyright, or do I need to wait until my copyright is processed over the 8 month period?

Mark Blankenship says:

thought about doing a nonfiction about some of my adventures and was wondering if a person could add pictures to their ebook

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