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Tips and Tricks to get your independent or self published comic book into local stores

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How to get your independent or self published comic book into local comic book shops and or toy stores .

Want to Buy my comic “The Horror A4” ?

If you are in the Bay area of California, check out these shops:

Variant Comics & Collectibles
16999 Monterey St, Ste B
Morgan Hill, CA

Illusive Comics & Games
2725 El Camino Real, Ste 105
Santa Clara, CA

Black Cat Comics
176 S Main St
Milpitas, CA

Hijinx Comics
2050 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA

Comics Conspiracy
115 E Fremont Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

Escapist Comics
3090 Claremont Ave
Berkeley, CA

Kimono MY House
1455 64th St
Emeryville, CA

Dr Comics Mr Games
4014 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA

Cape and Cowl Comics
1601 Clay St
Oakland, CA

SpaceCat Comics and Cards
1415 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA

Otherwise you can but it online here:

Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/399489539/issue-1-of-the-horror-a4-my-independent?ref=shop_home_active_1

Or you can by one form me directly by sending a private message and using paypal.


Gazbot says:

@Generation X asked about using Etsy to sell books, but for some reason his comment is no longer showing up.
I do use Etsy to sell my book and my Prints and other art, It may not be the best, but it is easy to set up, it's easy for the consumer to use, it's very well -known and costs very little (about.20 a listing ). So yes, I do recommend using Etsy either alone or in conjunction with other sites. It helps your online presence in search engines, and you will possibly get some people who stumble upon it there to become fans. Also it's an easy/safe place to send people to buy it online that may be interested in your work but not live near an area where you convention. Here is my lisiting: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/399489539/issue-1-of-the-horror-a4-my-independent I also recommend digital sales, as they cost you nothing and have no extra work involved once you set it up. I have my book on Indy Planet as printed or digital here: http://www.indyplanet.us/product/137067/

Brenton Cranford says:

should I write a comic as an issue or volume?

Hiram Miller says:

I just now found your work and already ordered your comic (here to Brazil).
Dealing with independent production and distribution myself, your videos have great insights.
Thank you for this and keep up the amazing work!

Comics With Chris says:

I'll echo the others, this is really great info on the process of selling your own book. I have been trying to research for a couple of months now checking to see what other indie comic creators are doing for income and how they sell their books. This helps a lot!

haynerbass says:

How many copies did you print of that first edition?

The Author says:

I need to ask to if I'm publishing my comic what do I do about the arr in the comic book

Black 2 Da Future says:

Great Tips and helpful info

Bobby Baxter says:

Hey man, I recently launched issue 1 of my book and have been doing the self-publishing hustle for the first time myself. I really had no idea what to expect, but judging from what you've said here, we've both had a very similar approach! It's really cool that you're sharing your experience! And it makes me feel a bit better about how I've been going about it too haha! Keep it up, dude!

Also, if you wanna check out my work:

Himookim Entertainment says:

This is great advice Gazbot! I defiently needed this type of info. Would it be possible if you can make any tips on becoming a employed animator?

Mike Emeritz says:

Awesome video, Gaz! Very helpful and informative. Love your realist perspective and honesty about the biz side of things, and how to keep the ol' ego in check with all of this stuff. A few years ago I went the route of "Will you carry my comic that I may or may not finish eventually?" And actually got an alright number of positive responses, but in retrospect they were probably just being polite. hehe.

What you said about the comic being a product you need to sell, and avoiding getting into all the minute details about the world and stuff was enlightening. That's something I need to work on when the time comes. Even in a creative work environment I tend to ramble about all the cool little things, and sometimes my bosses just wanted to know the general idea and whether or not it was done or could be done in time. hehe. I guess sometimes you gotta take off the artist barrett and put on the business pants.

Yannemal says:

great video ! kudos to your emphasis on politeness and professionalism always and how cool to see that outro with all those shops listed already.

Marshall Couture says:

I totally agree when it comes to taking whatever offer they give you. To me selling comics is basically like a business card people pay for. I May make little to no profit but it's more of a tool to get the word out about me and what I do. Especially at these beginning stages. Great video! And also I know Tyler James of comicxtribe has talked a lot about selling comics to stores even outside of the local market. So that may be helpful if you're interested. Great video! HARD-CORE!

dogtownheroes says:

Really great video! I feel smarter already.

WayneTully1 says:

Great info, insight and experience in what you've done already. Thanks for sharing. It is something I'm planning to do at some point, once I make that commitment in time management and planning to do so.

T3G Media says:

Great information sir! Love it.

Matt Strott says:

great video! I'm nowhere near getting ready to sell any books but this is great information and very interesting. Best of luck, man.

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