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Top 5 Self-Published Authors Who Made It Big In The World Of Literature

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Thinking of self-publishing your novel? At Writer’s Relief (www.WritersRelief.com), we know it wasn’t too long ago that choosing to self-publish was something few authors dared to do. Now the trend has shifted; more and more authors are experiencing success with self-publishing, and their books have become worldwide bestsellers!

Writer’s Relief has compiled a list that includes these five authors who had the motivation and publishing market savvy to self-publish and make it big in the world of literature:

1) THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT by Beatrix Potter:
Beatrix Potter couldn’t find a publisher willing to take a chance on her children’s book, so she financed the first printing of THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT with her own money. On December 16, 1901, she had 250 copies published. Her book was so successful that, within a year, it was picked up by one of the 6 publishers who originally turned it down. By Christmas of 1902, THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT had sold more than 20,000 copies. Potter’s self-publishing adventure didn’t stop there. In 1903 she took her career in her own hands once more, privately publishing 500 copies of her new story THE TAILOR OF GLOUCESTER.

2) THE CELESTINE PROPHECY by James Redfield:
James Redfield managed to sell 100,000 copies of his first book, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, out of the trunk of his car before it was picked up by Warner Books, who agreed to publish it. After both a musical album and film adaptation, the book was expanded into three sequels and spent 165 weeks on THE NEW YORK TIMES Best Seller List.

3) STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova:
Lisa Genova self-published her now critically acclaimed novel STILL ALICE through iUniverse in 2007. It was later picked up by Simon & Schuster and published by Gallery Books soon after in 2009. After being translated into twenty different languages and holding a position on THE NEW YORK TIMES Best Seller List for 40+ weeks, the book was adapted into an Academy Award-winning film starring Julianne Moore.

4) SILO series by Hugh Howey:
The self-publishing adventure began for Hugh Howey in 2011 when he started writing his stand-alone short story, WOOL. The work immediately grew in popularity when he published it through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and so he decided to expand upon it. The SILO series has since been signed with Simon & Schuster for a 500,000 print-only deal. Howey also sold film rights to the series to 20th Century Fox.

5) THE TRYLLE TRILOGY by Amanda Hocking:
Amanda Hocking wrote 17 novels while working as a group home worker in Minnesota. She self-published all of them as e-books, selling more than a million copies. In 2011, St. Martin’s Press bought the rights to her first three books, THE TRYLLE TRILOGY, and to Hocking’s new four-book series, WATERSONG, for a reported two million dollars.

To learn more about authors who have made it big in the world of self-publishing, read the full Writer’s Relief blog article: http://selfpublishingrelief.com/self-published-authors-big/

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