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Traditional book publishing vs. Independent or self publishing

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Should you try to get your book published through a traditional publisher, or should you try to sell the book yourself. I give you some information for making this decision, hopefully BEFORE you write your book.

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Chris L says:

Self publishing with Amazon’s Create Space was easy and inexpensive.
Then, I used you tube channels to review the book, everyone wins. Creators charge usually 100 dollars or so.

Crumplepoint says:

"My book isnt too long; it's T H I C C " Great video, Dave, very informative.

man0z says:

I like books which are not allowed to be published because they contain dangerous information. I have plenty of banned books

Seomus says:

Man, your vanity publisher video vanished from the internet while I was watching it. Great video. Vanity publishers are worse than small publisher, but I think they should be avoided, too. I know too many author friends who are excited to be singed whit a "publisher" only for them to be no better off 2 years later only they don't have the rights to their novel any longer.

Internet Hydra says:

I know you like to be relatively politically neutral/indifferent, but you’re greatly understating the amount of ideologically driven gatekeeping that goes on in traditional publishing nowadays.

Word of wisdom to those reading this: most book publishing houses are hopelessly infected with the same far left “progressives” that’re killing every sector of entertainment now, and if you submit anything that their type would find problematic and you don’t have at least two diversity checkboxes then they’ll not only reject your book but pass word through their incestious networks and get you blacklisted. And even if your book is squeaky clean if you’re a white male or conservative then you’re most likely not getting published.

Honestly the publishing houses aren’t long for this world (like the other sectors of infected entertainment…), I would establish myself in self-publishing and wait for a wave of brand new companies to submit to. Or perhaps make one yourself?

Anitogame says:

> writing lots of shorter books
Yep, that's what I'm doing. 7500-9999 word novelettes I can bang out in less than a week, all based in several different settings/universes so I have less overall development to do on each one.

Also, a word of warning to anyone going for tradpub: stay far away from any publisher that wants money from you to publish. They're called vanity publishers and they're garbage. A legit publisher will edit your book, create the cover, and market it. If they're asking you to pony up cash (they'll word it something like creating a 'partnership' with the author), then add them to your shit list and move on.

V.W. Singer says:

I went with a small indie publisher. They place my books on Amazon, and the various other outlets, as well as on their own network of websites, put out a newsletter, and they offer printed copies on demand as well. They've been honest and reliable over a number of years, and I think it is a good option if you don't want to do all the advertising and placement but despair of getting a major publisher to take on your book. They will even do covers. You get a detailed monthly report of your sales and royalties. As the author you pay nothing upfront (important).

Mark F says:

I feel like I'm basically in the same place as your Muramasa book, in that if I went to a publisher for the sort of books that I'm writing the odds that they'd pick them up would be pretty low, as they're just too niche and hard to define genre-wise for major publishers, who, quite understandably, are usually only looking for books with ready-made genres.
But I'm glad that Muramasa still found an audience, as I think it gives hope to us all that at least some of our writings can have a following out there, so long as they're good reads of course.

weiss is love, weiss is life says:

Good video. Number of pages is not something I would have considered.

SPTX says:

That agent things sounds excessively unfair, not only do you have to write a book to completion with no sort financial back up, but you have to pay him so he can make money off your work.
"Agent" lol, more like swindler.

i Draw says:

I wrote a 400+ page erotic sci-fi novel over the course of eighteen months and it sold about three copies. lol

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