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Urban Fiction Writer’s Life.(Readers Questions Pt 1)

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Nevada Lotto says:

hello I am a urban fiction writer and my first book is about to drop, but before I started writing I use to watch your videos for inspiration here is the book that is about to drop

#ComingSoon #AllureMe #ShanPresents
Whoever said revenge was the sweetest joy next to making love had to have been thinking of Remy Jackson, an outspoken seventeen-year-old who had dreams of making it out of the hood. Remy prided herself on being a hustler and didn't take any mess from anyone. For her, life wasn't that bad at all. She had her loving mother, Shanice, and her best friend, Devan, both in her corner, and they were supportive of everything. That is until Shanice starts dating Sebastian, a man who loves nothing old but his money.
Shanice, a thirty-two-year-old stripper, is ready to hang up her dancing shoes, so she sets out to find a man who could fulfill her every desire both in and out of bed. By sure luck, she meets Sebastian, and he's loaded with doe. To ensure her future includes everything she can't afford on her own, she’ll do anything, even if that means the people around her have to suffer.
For Sebastian, things aren't going quite the way he expected, now he has Remy on his back, and she doesn't know how to stay in her place. However, he has one thing on his side that he knows her mother is hungry for. Money talks and the other crap walks, so he’s sure he would forever have the upper hand.
Devan’s love for Remy is unwavering, and he’ll do anything to make sure she’s protected. When her home life starts to suffer, Devan starts being a lot more than just a shoulder to lean on.
Once truths are revealed, and all cards have been sprawled across the table, will that be enough to bring peace, or will that only add fuel to the fire? The truth is all blood ain’t family, and all family ain’t blood, so in the end, you better watch who you ride for.

Book Glam says:

Omg!!!!!! I'm sooooo glad I found you, I just started reading Bambino and it's soooo good!!! I love your writing style.

Ralph Williams says:

You're amazing

antonyettek says:

Your personality is soooo bomb!!!

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