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What Does it Cost to Write and Self-Publish a Book or Ebook?

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What Does it Cost to Write and Self-Publish a Book or Ebook?

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book and wondered how much it costs to create print or ebooks, this article will be your guide to what it really costs to get your book created.

Many marketers, bloggers and online business owners give out books in exchange for email addresses or to add credibility to their name. It’s a great high-value item to give to readers and fans.

Typically with books, a majority of the income or sales will come from your back-end products. Meaning, they’ll use the book as a gateway to your other products. Perhaps, another book of yours on the same topic, a webinar or video course series. It really comes down to adding value to the customer, building the relationship and giving back.

What It Costs
Publishing a book doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, my costs to create The Business Launchpad were quite minimal. Here’s the breakdown of expected costs when you publish a book.

Your time is your most expensive cost that goes into the book – but there are ways to save on this. You can purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking – a dictation software. In general, it saves time to “speak the book” instead of typing. This software typically runs around $100.

Dragon Dictation Software = $100

The next cost you’ll incur is proofing the book. The cost will depend on how thick your book is and how many proofs you need. Let’s say you find a good quality proofer and your book is 200-250 pages, then you may be looking at around $200 per proof. You may need to have between one and three proofers look over your book to make sure the substance, content and editing are up to the highest standard.

Dragon Dictation Software = $100
Proofing #1 = $200
Proofing #2 = $200
Proofing #3 = $200

Total so far = $700

One of the most important selling features of your book will be the cover. If you have experience in photo manipulation or other design programs, you may be able to save money by designing the cover yourself. Having a great cover is a huge selling point for your book, and you want to attract customers! If you don’t have experience in cover design, you can have a professional cover designed at around $200-$300.

Dragon Dictation Software = $100
Proofing #1 = $200
Proofing #2 = $200
Proofing #3 = $200
Cover = $200

Total so far = $900

One thing to consider, and it’s completely up to you, is your use of ISBNs. If you publish through CreateSpace (an Amazon affiliated company), the ISBNs are given to you for free. If you want to include your company as the publisher, you’ll need to purchase an ISBN through Bowker. The cost for an ISBN is around $100.

Dragon Dictation Software = $100
Proofing #1 = $200
Proofing #2 = $200
Proofing #3 = $200
Cover = $200
ISBN (optional) = $100

Total for all expenses = $1,000

Minimal expenses for a product that will further your business
Overall, the costs to create and publish a book are minimal and a great way for you to add value to your business or other back-end products. Allowing your readers, customers or clients to “test” the relationship with a tangible product means they’ll be more inclined and motivated to purchase your other products.

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