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What Self-Published Authors Are *Really* Making with Data Guy from the Author Earnings Report

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We will be talking to Data Guy, keeper of the numbers behind the Author Earnings report, about what the stats can tell us about the state of self-publishing.


Darlabomb says:

Even though this is a year old I find this fascinating. We really overlook people who are just making regular bank and I legitimately feel like that hurts everyone. It allows people who wrote one hit to just bank on how to that are just marketing other how tos crowding out other great writers. It discourages authors who are starting out and through that denies us readers a story that could change our lives. Still watching the video ya know.

Tammi Labrecque says:

Fantastic podcast. Thanks guys!

Jim Johnson says:

Great interview and discussion. Thanks for the name drop, Lindsay! 😀

Blake Simmonds says:

Very interesting.

Anne-Maree Gray says:

I find all of this fascinating… there must be a lot of indies who are covering their costs and earning a small income who would NEVER have got a trad publishing contract, and that has to be good for minor genres and all readers! More books= better…

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