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What Software Should You Use When Self-Publishing a Book

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http://www.havemoreinfluence.com Should you write your book in Word or is there a different kind of software to use when you are self publishing a book?

In this video Julie Broad tackles the question … explaining how your distribution channels will impact the software you use and the format you have to put your book in.

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vittogol says:

I love her when she gets angry with ms word

Brian Brewster says:

I've been sitting on a quasi-memoir book trilogy for two years now. Before I saw this video I was apprehensive about e-publishing. Now I'm pretty sure I'll convert my Word docs to PDF and embed more imagery in it. And I will buy Adobe InDesign to make my book illustrated. Thanks again for this wonderfully informative video, Julie!

Yudi says:

Why are you using that weird background? No need to use green screen. Great video tho

JC Spirit says:

What about LuLu.com

Brad Cooper says:

Thanks for the video, you have great insights. How do you hire someone to format your book in order to have it look like it comes from a traditional publishing house as you said? Hope appreciate the extra suggestions you have about that, thank you!

chris winters says:

I use Scrivener after leaving MS Word for scene layout and writing. Clutter free too. Then, I use Calibre for the different formats like Kindle (and the flavours under that). Calibre is free (I advise donations) and Scrivener is a fraction of InDesign's price.

Extra credit: Both don't install bloat-ware like Adobe. 😉

Good video!

TheHeinmann says:

Was interesting 😀 good video

Evaristo Perez says:

was due a good vid to watch 😉 loved it

LR For We says:

subscribed ! nice job

Simplistic says:

totally amazing B) thumbs up

Mike Sparks says:

Great video and presentation, from 'Music City' Nashville Tennessee, thank you for helping others.

Van Dwellers United says:

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Miguel Henry says:

Thanks for making this video.

Anne amy says:

i have a queastion which software u using a video , u showing side by side images or videos..pls tell me

Bill Gray says:

Hi Thank you for the video, I am having such trouble with this, The advice I am after is, could you possible tell me what editing program you might suggest. I have a full coloured, full page, book of 140 pages I am trying to piece together that I would like to sell as an ebook from my future website. Any Advice on a suitable editing program for an apple computer to help my project would be most appreciated.
The Program I previously used is an old version of Print shop 2. 🙁 and I don't think "Now I am Finish" ) it was the write program :/ . Thank you in advance.

Ajit Mishra says:

Thank you Julie Broad!

ralphlw says:

Thnks Julie. This is useful.

Angela McClain says:

Hi, Julie Broad. I enjoyed your helpful information on self-publishing. Thank you, for sharing! 🙂

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