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Why I Regret Self-Publishing

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Author Tyrolin Puxty from Curiosity Quills gives hot tips and talks about why she regrets self-publishing. Check out the Friday Pitch and the Monday Manuscript, get an agent, get editors and keep submitting! You could be the next 50 Shades of Grey success story! Don’t stop believing!


magicbuskey says:

How do you get published?

Tempting The Pagans says:

being a journalist helps you pick up guys… right.
Must be hard for a pretty woman to pick up guys, a true hardship. 🙂
.. thumbs up

Simple Kiddie Fun says:

Hey, at least you managed to write something yet there are people who have been trying for year and up to now, nothing. I think you did something. x

Marioman 10100 says:

Hey, you can say that your self-published book is where you started, and say Broken Dolls is now where you are, and can even compare between the two on how far you've come. That's how I would look at it anyway.

Nathan Croft says:

dat toonlink amiibo doe… you cant hide it from me!

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