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Why Should I Self-Publish?

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Why should you self-publish? Lots of reasons! Self-publishing offers more control, more money, and a faster process than a big publishing house. And it’s not just for authors! Self-publishing is a great solution for businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, education, entrepreneurs and more!

Lulu.com is the original self-publisher, offering print on demand services to meet your needs.

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Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts says:

100% agreed on all aspects. I have no experience in the traditional publishing world; however, I've interviewed a few guests and know a couple people who've gone the traditional publishing route. And, every time they state that you have to work just as hard as you do in self-publishing yet you get less royalties and have WAY less control.

Well done, I'm sharing this video 😀👍👏

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