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Writing: Do You Have a Book in You? – Part 2 by Dianna Booher

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Executive Communication Expert Dianna Booher

Craft a great title. While a mediocre title wonít keep a good book from selling, a great title can sell a mediocre book. My agent once held my proposal on a time-sensitive topic for 12 days before submitting it to publishers because he thought we could come up with a better title than my first attempt. Titles either titillate readers or torpedo your proposal.

Follow through on the project. At some point, you do have to sit down and write the book—rather than just talk about it. It always surprises me how often a would-be writer sells an idea to agent or editor and gets a go-ahead and contract, but then never delivers the manuscript!

Writing a book proves to be just like any other long-term project; it requires a plan, complete with interim steps and deadlines. Waiting for inspiration is for the mystics among us.

Make your writing riveting—or at least readable. Today’s readers have too much competing for their attention to struggle with heavy prose, jargon, convoluted sentences, and grammar glitches. They skim, skip, and click through your pages, wanting to be engaged, informed, persuaded, or amused. If they snooze, you lose.

Promote, promote, promote like it all depends on you. Publishers distribute your book so that it’s available in stores and online. They also do a fairly good job of selling sub-rights: audio series, electronic rights, movies, and foreign translations. A few do a good job at marketing and promoting your book. But for the most part, they count on authors to be the chief marketer. So understand and plan for that role from the very beginning, include it in your proposal, think “marketing” as you write your book, and allocate sufficient time in your career game plan.

In any case, if publishing is in your career plan, all best wishes for a stellar seller. Find out more at www.GetYourBookPublishedCoachingProgram.com

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